John Stephen

Executive Council
District 4

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Fellow Granite Stater,

You deserve a state government that is as responsible with taxpayer dollars as you are with your own finances. As federal dollars from the COVID-19 response begin to dwindle and the realities of policy decisions out of Washington that have slowed our economy set in, it is crucial that New Hampshire braces for the impact with a tight fiscal grip and judicious planning. Our future depends on decisions made today that ensure sustainability and financial health for our state. This isn’t just about budgets and numbers—it’s about preserving the way of life that we cherish in New Hampshire.

 The current fiscal situation demands more than just careful scrutiny of state departments; it calls for leaders who are as invested in the state’s welfare as you are in your personal well-being.  As a constituent, your expectation for quality, responsible leaders in state government is clear. You have a right to public servants who monitor every tax dollar and prioritize the public interest, individuals who are both skilled and devoted to fostering a thriving, robust New Hampshire that we all have come to cherish.

Your voice is the cornerstone of our democracy, and your access to responsive and effective constituent services is non-negotiable. It’s about ensuring that the government is a true reflection of your needs and aspirations. You should always feel heard, represented, and valued. It’s more than a commitment—it’s a foundational principle that your experiences and opinions will drive meaningful action and bring about a government that truly works for its people and that’s my commitment to you.

Together, let’s forge a path toward a prosperous opportunity for every resident of the Granite State and take the New Hampshire Advantage to the next level.

Live Free or Die,

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